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Updated: Jan 15

It has been a while since I have started to offer my services private chef and private events. In all that time I have came across many things that I wanted to maybe point out and to explain how this industry works so if you are looking for a good quality and reliable private chef in Barcelona and how do I implement it to my business and why people are happy to call me when they look for Private Chef in Barcelona.

Watch out for Agencies

You might not realise but majority of sites you find are actually agencies. You might think well ok and what or why is it a problem? Maybe it looks great website with loads and loads chefs and options but for me personally they get actually sometimes bigger cut tan me and you as a guest pay much more with this option.

How do they work?

They typically work almost anywhere in big cities and offer huge varieties of chefs, you get to the site, book a city fill up the for and tan they send you 4 different chefs with their proposals. Sound really great …But take note:

Imagine you pay 100 EUR

- tax 30%,

- agency 25 %

That leaves hm just with less tan 50 % where is the roblem? He still have to buy ingredients and travel cost. The chefs through agencies have to buy cheap not best quality ingredients to make sure they brake even. The chef will take 75 percent from this leaving him to buy ingredients for 15 Eur for three course meal its almost imposible to function. The only way is to buy cheap ingredients that comes from who knows from. Would you reconsider this option? I would go local and go to a Local Private Chef cooking with best local ingredients.

Be carefull I would not go for not legitimate private chefs.

You might thik “Lets just get somebody to cook for us on holidays so we can chill out” so might find also loads of not legitimate chefs. Where is the problem? Among many other issues most important for me are Safety and also reliability, working experience and even with some legal private chefs there are some “hit and miss” on the quality site. How come safety? Would you really go and eat anywhere? Do you trust anyone that would have come to your home?

I would definitely think twice on this one.

1 You have no guarantee that someone actually turns up.

2 No insurance

3 No reviews

4 Many times too poor cooking skills

5 No pay taxi s not just cheaper but it is important to make sure the community ,

6 Food safety

7 Reliability

Watch out for Private chefs (even the legal professional) with basic cooking knowledge. I think that it is fare to say that the this service can cost like a meal at nice restaurant. And I would like to toe at great if I have to pay 40-80€. I have spoke to some guest of mine saying that they have found the food of some chefs. Really basic and they could make it themselves. Good chef has always few tricks that you cannot do at home.

Tricks: The private chef should have a website, good profile, goole profile with reviews, Facebook profile and reviews and instagram.

Why to consider booking us?

I am a private chef and I would like to be really good one. The opportunity to work in great fine dining restaurants (with Michelin stars) and really great chefs for 15 years gave me really good tricks and showed me how to cook and treat my guest to great food and service that exceed expectations. The ingredients are for me the single most important think. I always look for the best ingredients local, organic vegetables, best fish and seafood, foragers of the highest quality just like in restaurants I used to work in.

Main thing for us is the safety, service and food, you always get extra with us and most important I guarantee you that once we come you will just relax and see we are in total control of you being fed really great meal. I do everything myself from homemade sourdough bread, Ice creams, Desserts, sauces and reductions which some are cooked for 24 hours, I buy really good fresh fish, seafood, work with really local suppliers. I have our own beautiful plates, cutlery and glasses to make your event with us as special. If you book a party bigger that 11 I normally get someone to help me out serving and smaller I manage normally all by myself.

Think of my site like profile for chef and catering. We create many tipes of services anything in between an intimate dinner for 2 and bigger events up to 100 people. We offer private chef/cook and catering service daily for a families on holydays, prepare birthday parties, hen parties, preweding dinners, breakfast, brunch, lunch, barbeques, business lunch, corporate events, weddings, any occasion.


We attend a private chef service in whole Catalonia From Barcelona, Blanes, Maresma, Costa del sol, Villarana, Mataro, Badalona, Girona, Lleida, Cadaques, Figueres, Sitges, Tossa del Mar and all surrounding áreas.

For more information and or teel 0034 648 432 082.

If you are looking for good private chef/ cook in Barcelona don’t hesitate to contact us!

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