Best chef related shows to watch in 2020

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If you are like me, chef or exchef or foodie and person like to watch food related shows, maybe I can direct you to watch programs I like to watch, for me I enjoy real cooking shows and programs. Enjoy this time and learn about real chefs, their food while staying lockdown. I am obviusly not going to the detail of each one so I dont spoil it for you but give you some ideas and I bet you have seen some of them. i am hoping to be adding time to time some shows as there is so many.

Anthony Bourdain

For me the god of real food related shows for me. He was a real chef and food writer. I am sure you must have at least heard of Anthony if not you have plenty to catch up on. He is really inspiring because he says things as they are, kitchens are tough, not for everyone. He has been traveling around the world, eating anything anywhere anything from clandestine restaurants insects, rotten cheeses, street food stalls to best food in three michelin star restaurants up until his end (for all of us fans unexpected, tragic suicide that he commited, sadly while shooting one of his last work) He is supper ineresting, funny, personal very likable person and like to know evrythng about places to visit.

I recommend anything he has done, if you are stuck at home and want a spend a day while watching some good food show go for it.

I have also read his book “Kitchen confidential” I suppose I came still from old school harsh eviroment in the kitchen, and this book is about it. But lets go back to the watching matherial:

No reservation:

Ell Bulli

French Laundry

Parts Unknown

Chefs Table (Netflix)

If you have never seen Chefs Table on the Netflix than in short is an interesting and really inspiing set of stories about really amazing once not much known not recognised thanks to this series and their hard work. Every one of this chefs are super good and the series shows how much struggle is there behind success of every single one of them.

For Grace

Documentary about Curtis Duffy’s opening resaturant, his very moving storry of a trauma that not many people can get pas through and he does with his work.

Constructing Albert

Documentary about Albert Adria (brother of famous chef Ferran Adria)

snd his super creative spirit, showing just how much recognition he needs.

Thank you so much for reading ths I hope you will enjoy this lnks I have posted over here and stay safe!




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