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Bram van Esch
Bram van Esch
08:17 30 Jul 22
From start to finish, Matej has organised an unforgettable family lunch for us. We arranged the perfect setting, he prepared amazing food and gave the best wine recommendations. Light, healthy, michelin star food. Matej listens to your wishes in advance and is a great chef on the day itself, good vibes. Thanks Matej. Best, Bram
Ariane Lalakea
Ariane Lalakea
12:09 19 Sep 23
Matej is the best private chef you can hire!He cooked in our BliXX conscious sexuality retreat for a group of 8 in a private house. The menu was perfectly thought, supporting our needs and a foodgasm in itself.We appreciate the love, variety and quality of ingredients he puts into his dishes.He also came with his own car and cooking tools and robots which made our life so easy.The ease and patience he brings into his work is astonishing. Everything feels effortless and yet the food leaves you stunning.He was also able to read the group needs and adjust accordingly and he is very discreet which for us is key due the nature of our business.We definitely would hire him again for another outstanding experience.
Rebecca Robinson
Rebecca Robinson
13:22 26 Aug 23
We booked Matej at Bistronomy for a private meal for 12people for my friends 40th whilst we were on holiday. He owns easy to deal with from the 1st enquiry and delivered to most exquisite experience. He was a pleasure, the staff were lovely, the styling was lovely and the food was that of a top restaurant in the comfort of our villa…I would highly recommend.
Aliya Bevans
Aliya Bevans
21:21 21 Jul 23
Chef Matej was a planned dream come true! I hosted a family trip from the U.S. to Barcelona, and booked Bistronomy (based on reviews) for a private dinner for 13 at our Airbnb. From beginning to end our experience was perfection! He sent a formal menu after speaking over the phone, and accommodated our preferences during the planning phase.Matej and his assistant Christopher arrived promptly on time, and quickly familiarized themselves with the kitchen and began food preparation. The dinnerware was provided, and the table was set beautifully. We enjoyed the Deluxe 7 course tasting, and every small plate was a palate explosion! The flavors within the oysters on the shell were incredible. The wild caught sea bass and beef fillet were tender and absolutely delicious. Dessert was a delight. The icing on the cake was the beautiful presentation of everything! Oh and the wine tasting was delicious as well (definitely add on).The atmosphere, flow and vibe of the dinner with Chef and his teammate was wonderful! They let us chatter amongst each other without interruption, but interjected with explaining the dishes in detail whenever asked. They also cleaned and left the kitchen spotless after. This was such an incredible experience, and definitely one of the top highlights of our entire vacation in Barcelona that we’ll forever cherish!Thank you Matej,~Aliya
Kristen Everett
Kristen Everett
16:34 13 Jul 23
Matej curated a wonderful evening for our party of 11, including 4 children. His food was among the freshest and tastiest we had in Barcelona. We especially enjoyed the freshly caught sea bass and oysters, tender steak and homemade ice cream! Also, the seasoning with the bread was unforgettable! The children were also very happy with a more kid-friendly menu 😀

Beyond the food, the experience was extremely positive. Mat arrived and immediately made himself at home in the AirB&B kitchen. He served and described the dishes in beautiful detail and was just a pleasure to talk to. He even allowed my 8 yr old son, a cooking enthusiast, to “help” him plate! Finally, at the end, he left the kitchen cleaner than when he arrived.

Truly a 5 star experience that we will never forget. Thank you Mat!
Kristen Everett
Kristen Everett
10:43 11 Jul 23
Matej curated a truly wonderful evening for our party of 11, including 4 kids, at our AirB&B in Barcelona. Working with him to plan the evening was really effortless and when he arrived, everything was perfect. The food he prepared was among the best we had in Barca – very fresh, flavorful, and appealing to different people’s preferences. Matej was engaging and thoughtfully explained every dish before serving. He catered to the kids by serving them their own little feast on the porch and even included my son when he wanted to “help”. He cleaned the space thoroughly once done and was sincerely a pleasure to share the night with. I will absolutely recommend his services to anyone visiting Barcelona as it was a night to remember! Thanks Mat!
Abhinav Bhansali
Abhinav Bhansali
09:44 28 May 23
I had the pleasure of organising a private chef experience for my best friend’s stag party, and I cannot express enough how amazing the evening turned out, all thanks to the incredible Chef Matej. From start to finish, Chef Matej’s generosity and attention to detail made the first night of the stag truly unforgettable.Upon our arrival, we were greeted with the tantalising aroma of freshly baked homemade sourdough, perfectly paired with a delightful spiced almond dip. It was an exquisite way to kick off the evening and set the tone for what was to come.The culinary journey continued with an array of mouthwatering treats. The fresh croquettes and falafels were nothing short of perfection, showcasing Chef Matej’s skilful craftsmanship.The highlight of the evening was, without a doubt, the best gazpacho I have ever had the pleasure of trying. Each spoonful was a burst of refreshing flavours that left us craving for more. Chef Matej’s versatility shone through in his ability to cater to everyone’s preferences. For the non-vegetarians among us, he prepared a delectable chicken gnocchi dish that left us speechless. The combination of tender chicken and perfectly cooked gnocchi was a true masterpiece.For mains, we enjoyed a wholesome fish paella. Meanwhile, the vegan risotto also received rave reviews, proving that Chef Matej’s culinary expertise extended to creating delicious plant-based dishes.Dessert was an absolute treat. The vegan sticky toffee pudding was a revelation, showcasing Chef Matej’s creativity in crafting a dessert that catered to our vegan friends without compromising on taste. Each bite was a harmonious blend of flavours that left us in dessert heaven.Throughout the evening, we were fortunate to have the attentive presence of Chef Pablo and Angelo, who took care of us with utmost warmth and care. Their friendly and professional service added an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience. Their execution of the meal was flawless, and it was evident that they genuinely cared about ensuring we had one of our best meals in Barcelona.Our private chef experience with Chef Matej was nothing short of extraordinary. His generosity in accommodating our preferences, the exceptional dishes he prepared, and the impeccable service provided by Chef Pablo and Angelo truly made it an unforgettable evening. I highly recommend Chef Matej to anyone seeking a unique and remarkable dining experience.
Katrina Ripoll
Katrina Ripoll
14:44 24 May 23
My birthday dinner by Chef Matej in a masía in Alella was wonderful. Matej’s team was lean but very effective in preparing everything from appetizers, wine and cava selections and of course the delicious and beautifully plated food. It was a milestone birthday made very memorable by Bistronomy Barcelona.
21:44 10 May 23
Matej cooked a beautiful 4 course meal for our group of 9 at a villa outside Barcelona. He catered to all dietary requirements without any hassle. We had 4 vegans in our group so, all courses were fully vegan but, there was a fish option for mains to please everyone.Matej was unbelievable from start to finish. His attention to detail was next level and he took advantage of his surroundings perfectly. Aside from the delicious meal, he set the table beautifully with candles, baked fresh sourdough and left the kitchen in better condition than when he arrived.Matej was so lovely and made a really special night look effortless.We will be talking about this experience for a long time.


Experiencias Culinarias Navideñas a Domicilio

¿Ofrecen menús especiales para la Nochevieja y eventos de fin de año?

Sí, diseñamos menús especiales para celebrar la Nochevieja y eventos de fin de año con una selección cuidadosamente elaborada de platos que reflejan la temporada festiva.

¿Pueden adaptar los menús a mis preferencias culinarias y dietéticas?

Definitivamente, trabajamos contigo para personalizar los menús según tus gustos y necesidades dietéticas, incluyendo opciones vegetarianas, veganas y sin gluten.

¿Cómo funciona el servicio de Chef a Domicilio para eventos privados?

Nuestro Chef a Domicilio llevará la experiencia culinaria directamente a tu hogar u evento. Se encargará de la preparación, presentación y servicio de los platos, asegurando que tú y tus invitados disfruten de una experiencia gastronómica excepcional.

¿Qué incluye el servicio de Catering Navideño a Domicilio?

Nuestro servicio de Catering Navideño incluye una selección de platos festivos elaborados con ingredientes frescos y de alta calidad. Además, ofrecemos opciones de servicio en mesa, así como la limpieza posterior al evento.

¿Ofrecen opciones de menú para cenas y eventos privados durante toda la temporada navideña?

Sí, nuestro servicio de Catering a Domicilio está disponible durante toda la temporada navideña para cenas y eventos privados, asegurando que puedas disfrutar de deliciosas experiencias culinarias en cualquier momento.

¿Pueden proporcionar catering para eventos corporativos y reuniones de fin de año?

Por supuesto, ofrecemos opciones de catering para eventos corporativos y reuniones de fin de año, brindando una experiencia gastronómica excepcional para tus colegas y clientes.

¿Cómo se aseguran de la seguridad e higiene durante el servicio de catering a domicilio?

La seguridad e higiene son nuestras principales prioridades. Cumplimos con estrictas normas de seguridad alimentaria y garantizamos la máxima higiene en todas las etapas de la preparación y el servicio de alimentos.

¿Cuál es el proceso de reserva y planificación para las experiencias culinarias navideñas a domicilio?

El proceso de reserva es sencillo. Contáctanos para discutir tus necesidades y preferencias, y trabajaremos contigo para planificar una experiencia culinaria navideña a medida que se ajuste a tus deseos.

¿Pueden atender eventos de diferentes tamaños, desde cenas íntimas hasta celebraciones más grandes?

Sí, nuestro servicio de catering a domicilio es altamente adaptable y puede atender eventos de diferentes tamaños, asegurando que todos los invitados disfruten de una experiencia culinaria excepcional.

¿Cuánto tiempo de anticipación se requiere para reservar el servicio de Experiencias Culinarias Navideñas a Domicilio?

Recomendamos hacer reservas con suficiente anticipación para asegurarte de que podamos adaptarnos a tus preferencias y disponibilidad. Sin embargo, siempre estamos dispuestos a discutir opciones disponibles en caso de necesidades de última hora.